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these days don't we all need someone to trust...? duracell. trusted everywhere. jon: can't bring you the must-see moment, sorry it's on our website. >> reporter: "happening now" starts now. martha: getting word that the president will meet with leaders from the house and senate. that will be happening in an hour or so as we welcome everybody to "america live." i'm martha maccallum in for megyn kelly. as the look winds down to reach the deal by the friday deadline a possible breakthrough in the stalled negotiations is coming b. you have a group of six, a bi-partisan group of lawmakers pictured here raising some hopes that there may be a deal with their own budget bill. with two other plans on the table that seem to have slim
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chances of passing the house and the senate, could this gang of sex save america from default? that is the question at this hour. the plan, the basics of it it would reduce the deficit by 500 bill kwrorz. the top income tax rates would be lowered to no more than 25%, much lower than the top rate right now of 79.6% we'll have once the bush tax cuts expire. strict true spending cats and conform social security to t secure sol advance see if they've worked this out. >> reporter: there is a very strong sense in the senate that this gang of six proposal may be the way out of this debt impasse that we've been looking at for the past several weeks. this all came together yesterday morning when a group of about 50 senators met behind closed doors to get a briefing on a revamped gang of six proposal, and almost all of them came away sounding
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yes, yes optimistic about it. it calls for $3.7 trillion in cuts over the next ten years. a trillion dollars in revenue increases, but the increases would not come from increasing your income taxes or corporate taxes but rather by closing a lot of tax loopholes and things of that sort. one of the gang of six, richard durbin, a democrat from illinois was unusually optimistic about this. this is what he said yesterday. >> something happened this morning that was perhaps historic, and you know what, there were no fistfights, no swearing, instead democrats and republican senators sat in that room, 49 of them, listened to the outline of this group of six proposal, and came out with a positive feeling . >> reporter: now there are still some major, major obstacles here. with this deadline of august 2nd creeping up on us the senate appears to want to take a deliberate, methodical
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approach to putting this bill together. here is a senator from georgia. >> we are not going to supersede the jurisdictions of this committee, finance committee, armed services, agriculture, all of these committees are going to be charged with certain responsibilities of finding reduction tph-s spending as well as reforming the tax code. >> reporter: the other major object stack epl is the house of representatives. while speaker boehner and eric cantor have given tepid support to the gang of six proposal there are a group of house republicans say that they are going to stick with what they passed yesterday, the cut, cap and balance bill. they are decrying all other approaches to this problem. listen to what senate democrat barbara mcolksky said about cap and balance. >> what a scam, what a sham i'd
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be blowing it off if it was not so cruel, and dangerous. >> reporter: it sounds like that most need direction about this. the house republicans are intrangdent about it. martha: back at this. this is the latest abc news "washington post" poll. only 20% of voters feel positive about the way that this government is working, a stunning 80% say they have negative feelings, frustrations or even anger about how the government works. the last time we saw this number this high in the negatives was 1992 during the economic downturn that cost the first president bush his second term. coming up you'll hear what some of those frustrated americans are saying. in our very own focus group that we put together today, here is just a preview of how fired up
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voters or on thi are on this is. >> on one side you have the president saying let's have a balanced approach. we are trying to dig our way out of a recession. we can't stop the progress we've made. let's do some cuts. >> we are going to go ahead and compromise. but it's not compromise, it's compromise and do what i tell you to do. as far as raising taxes 52% of the people in this country pay nothing. >> correct. martha: that is just a sample folk, it got very heated in that discuss. we'll show you the entire thing with our panel. that comes up in the next hour of "america live," including what their ideas were as to what they would agree with including what should be cut. you can catch up with all the debt debad it on, lots of stuff to be watching there in this fight. days after the u.s. navy seals took outlawed laud american
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forces came within inches of killing their next big target on the terror list, u.s. born radical muslim cleric anwar al-awlaki, the al-qaida leader linked to several deadly plots against america. jennifer griffin is live with the breaking story today from the pentagon. she has the details on it. >> reporter: we knew they had come very close on may 5th to nearly killing anwar al-awlaki four days after the bin laden raid. we did not know what went wrong with the mission and how close they came to killing lack r-r who as you mentioned is the american-born cleric, the most wanted terrorist after osama bin laden. we have cleared fro have learnea griffin missile made by rate three on. this is the first time we've heard discussed public plea about these missiles. they were attached to a fixed
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ring manned plane for the may 5th mission. they are significantly lighter than hell fire missiles and can strike trar gets such as the pickup truck that anwar al-awlaki was driving in at the time. there was manned aircraft including these marine harrier jets which ran low on fuel and had to pull back from the mission at a crucial moment. the griffin missiles were attached to a manned special operations plane. what is unusual about this mission i is for u.s. officialso admit that a manned strike took place when all this involved. alisynmartha: he took the drug y and said the develop possessed him. that is how the best friend of tyler hadly said when he beat
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his parents to death with a hammer, then invited his friends to the house for a party. rick folbaum is looking into this. >> reporter: tyler hadley charged with brutal lee killing his parents, bludgeoning themselves to death with a hammer inside their florida home and having a party in the house while their bodies lay inside the master bedroom. he is a minor, a few months shy of his 18th birthday but he is charged as an adult, two counts of first-degree murder. he killed his mother first, mary jo and his father blake beating them with a 22-inch hammer similar to the one seen here. they then believe that he dragged their bodies into the bedroom, covering them with sheets and picture frames. some time later friends began showing up for a party that he had advertised on facebook. here is one of the kids who went to the party who did not want to
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appear on camera. >> he said, don't go in the back porch, don't go in any of the rooms, really, except his rooms, people were all in there, but, yeah, other than that it just seemed lick a regular party. >> reporter: someone who was at the party tipped off the police who showed up around 4:00 sunday morning. take a listen. >> he was nervous, probably just pacing and just very nervous when we arrived to do the welfare check. he said that his warrants were out of town. that was contrary to what information we had that they in fact had been killed. >> reporter: he's being charged as an adult but prosecutors say they will not pursue the death penalty. one says it is simply off the table, not a viable option because of his age. he is likely to serve the maximum of life in prison if found guilty. martha. martha: what a story, rick, thank you very much for that. this is coming up there is a big
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new campaign headache you might say for michelle bachman. the republican hopeful who suffers from debilitating migraines like so many americans is now being told that she needs to release her medical records, even by some that she should drop out of the race. is this necessary? we're going to talk to monica crowley about that, she weighs in on the newest attack on the gop hopeful who is rising quickly in the polls. alaska has grizzly bears, months ankara boo, but does the state have its very own loc locness monster? that is coming up. we'll show you who the cops are questioning in the disappearance of this young woman. >> anybody see clay waller? come on up here and tell everybody how bad you miss your wife and you want her back again
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martha: imagine trying to explain this one to your car insurance company. a driver had parked a car inmont tree alwhere a thunderstorm created intense presents in your a sewer, look at this thing. blast of water hammered the bottom of that car and lifted it straight up off the ground, couldn't do it again if you tried. it keeps getting worse and worse until the force of the water forces the vehicle to the side and drops it hard on th its sid. look at that. let's go to politics now for a moment. she is really surging right now in the polls but instead of enjoying that success michelle
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bachman is spending more time defending herself against new claims. she's are claims she won't be able to perform as president because she suffers from migraine headaches. listen to her response on this. >> my name is michelle bachman, i'm a candidate for the presidency of the united states, like nearly 30 other million americans i experience migraines that are easily controllable by medication. i'm a wife, i'm a mother, i'm a lawyer who has worked her way through law school. i prescribe medication when i take on occasion whenever symptoms arise and they keep cinco de mayo grains under control. i'd like to be abundantly clear, my ability to function effectively will not affect my ability to serve as commander-in-chief. martha: monica crowley radio talk show host and fox news contributor joins me now. what is your take on this? >> reporter: she certainly is being put throughout ringer. she is a very smart woman, a tough cookie.
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she new what she was tkpweg into when she announced for the presidency of the united states. i think there is a huge double standard here in putting michelle bachman's medical past, her history of migraines way out there in the open and forced to answer about it when we have yet to see president obama's file. bill clinton made it throughout his presidency without releasing his medical records as well. martha: it i appears working with her in the past have come out with these stories. they said there are times where she had to close her office door and be in a dark room. if you know people who suffer with migraines, you know that's what happens. no matter what you think of michelle bachman ma, she gets it done. this woman has a tax law degree, started a charter school, ran a business, raised five children, she is in the middle of doing that and 23 foster children as she mentions all the time. but she makes me feel like a total slouch. i've got a job and three kids,
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now to find out she does it on top of migraines. >> reporter: runs for congress, serves to congress, has to go back and forth to her district in minnesota. when i heard this migraine story i thought like you did, martha it's amazing she isable to achieve what she has and gets done what she has to do every day, serving the people of her district. i also think there is a long history here of male presidents who have tried to hide their medical backgrounds, as i just mentioned, obama, bill clinton never released medical records. now we know jfk for example suffered from a whole host of medical mallouisian maladies. he was on a slew of drugs. demerol, codeine, ritalin, by about it ritz, high ride hormone and two antianxiety drugs. he served, nobody knew it at the
10:18 am
time. all things are public unless apparently you're a democrat in which nobody is going to press you on your medical history. but look, these people, abe brahm lincoln suffered from what we now know as depression. eisenhower had serious heart issues. martha: tomorrow as jefferson had very strong headaches, as well as ulysses s. grant. doesn't everybody have sag? we all deal with something in our lives, right? and you have to persevere and move on. i'm not one quick to jump to the conclusion about these things but it does feel sexist. so the woman has migraines, has anyone asked this of the male candidates out there, do you have any medical issue that you think we should know about? you simply do not hear it, you don't hear it. >> reporter: that's right. women do suffer to a greater extent from migraines than men do. i think you're right, i think this does smack of the old school woman kind of thing. she needs to rest, she's gone
10:19 am
his tear cal. i think michelle bachman has handled this very well. she came out, this is true, i take drugs to manage it. >> along with 30 other million americans. >> reporter: i can function and what i do now as a member of congress and what i am currently doing running a presidential campaign i can absolutely handle this job. martha: it's fascinating on many ways and levels, and surging in the polls. >> reporter: that's yeah they have these kind of questions because she is number two behind mitt romney. martha: thank you. we have brand-new housing numbers. they show this year could be the worst since the housing bust. what this means for you, our family and what is the biggest investment in most of our lives. a nasty war of words is raging between two house members. have you heard about this? tea party-backed congressman alan west calling dnc chair
10:20 am
debbie wasserman schultz vial and despicable. did he cross the line or did she in what prompted this from eupl. and also major nidal malik hasan accused of killing 13 people and wounding 30 others. now there is word that the accused fort hood shooter could be pleading insanity in this case, folks. we are live at his arraignment moments from now. stay tuned for that. >> it's unthinkable that so many would die in a hail of gunfire on a u.s. army base in the heart of texas and this a fellow service member could have pulled the trigger. >> it's sorrowful he died the way he did. >> people were in northbound lanes of i55 pulling their cars over on the side of the road, putting their hands over their hearts, or maybe if they were military or past military, saluting. emotions ran very high. [ male announcer ] walls can talk.
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martha: you're looking at a live shot right now of des moines iowa where congressman michelle bachman is expected to speak to iowa voters at a deli any time now. that's the kind of stuff that folks on the campaign trail do on a daily basis. she is now being questioned by reporters about her medical his ters because staffers and former staffers have divulged that she suffers from migraines which forces her to go into her office and lie down for a little while. if there is news there we will bring it to you. she is about to appear in des moines iowa. the army psychiatrist charged in the fort hood shooting rampage nearly two years ago is finally about to be arraigned for the first time. that is going to happen moments from now. major tphad shinmoedake accuseds
10:25 am
accused of killing 13 and wounding 30 others. we are told he could be entering a plea today. according to military law he cannot plead guilty because he does face the death penalty in this case. the incident back on november the 5th of 2009 sent shock waves through the country when news started crossing the wires. witnesses say that what happened was he stood up on a desk and shouted the words, allah akbar, which means god is great in arabic before he began firing off more than a hundred rounds with his semi-automatic pistol. i think there were 50 witnesses to that event. so for a short moment some thought he was out of ammunition and decided to make a break for it. that's when he continued firing. a soldier describes what it was like on that fateful day. >> it was nuts. there was a lot of quick, quick response from soldiers and
10:26 am
people. there were some people in gowns from the graduation there. they were in the grass in the shade, on the shade side of the building. they were still pulling out people from around the building from the inside and laying them in the grass, and everybody -- one guy would come out there were like four people carrying him, get him on the ground and five people would start helping that guy and it just kept like that coming around the corner. martha: among the victims that day 21-year-old francesca velez. she was pregnant and returning home from duty. 29-year-old sergeant amy krueger who joined the army after 9/11, she only arrived home two days before that shooting from duty. private michael pearson who left his job with a furniture company, this man was only 21 years old at the time of his death. joining us now on the phone is kris gutierrez, live outside
10:27 am
fort hood with the latest on the arraignment. >> reporter: i should point out we are waiting for the escort on to the post. our satellite truck had to go through a separate security sweep and that's why we're forced to join you on the telephone this afternoon. i want to give you a quick update. now we are hearing a report that nidal malik hasan's lead attorney in this case could withdraw from this case. we called galligan a short time ago, he would not confirm or deny these reports. all he's telling us at this hour is he'll answer all our questions after this arraignment. that is a huge development we are following closely this afternoon. you menned there were a lot of witnesses back on november 5th 2009. in fact last year there was an evidentiary hearing that took nine days in which 56 witnesses describe in great detail what you already have, what allegedly they saw happen, that hasan
10:28 am
pulled out two handguns and started shooting his fellow soldiers. he faces 13 points of premeditated murder, 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder and the arraignment should get started within the next hour or so. martha: as mr. galligan steps away from the case, kris keep us posted on that. police say the estranged husband of this missing mom, a mother of triplets, her husband is not cooperating according to the police in the search for his wife or with their questions. coming up we'll talk to a family friend who is involved in the search for jackie waller. that is coming up much the debt debate has sparked an ugly, ugly argument between two prominent lawmakers. we'll tell you about the heated exchange that involves debbie wasserman schultz and congressman alan west.
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for a body in motion. i go to e-trade and tap into the power of revolutionary mobile apps to trade wherever. whenever. life isn't fully experienced sitting idly by. neither is investing. [ birds chirping ] martha: here is just how ugly this budget battle is starting to get. dramatic and nasty fights raging between two house members from florida, representative alan west calling dn chair debbie wasserman schultz, the most
10:33 am
vial, despicable member of the house and he went onto say that she with us no lady. he sent the angry email after the dnc chair took a shot at him on the house floor because he supported a tea party plan on budget cuts. here is shannon bream who is live in washington. hi, shannon. >> reporter: well you know there is plenty of acrimony in washington these days. when it comes to finding a solution to our debt crisis. shortly after congressman alan west a republican from florida took to the floor in support of the cut, cap and balance matter, florida democrat debbie wasserman schultz went to the floor to respond apparently referring to west although not by name. >> president obama has vowed to veto this bill, which ends the medicare guarantee and incredulous lee the gentleman from florida who represents thousands of medicare beneficiaries as do i is supportive of this plan that would increase costs for medicare beneficiaries, unbelievable from a member from south florida. >> reporter: republicans are taking issue with that character ryization of the bill. by the way west fired back via
10:34 am
email after that exchange on the floor. he copied a number of republican and democratic house leaders saying quote, if you have something to say to me stop being a coward and say it to my case, otherwise shut the heck out. democrats say west is way out of line but he is not apologizing for that email. >> when i read that email i tell you it was shocking to the conscience, and i thought it was very unfortunate. >> when a conservative stands up and says enough, then people will want to sit back especially liberals and want to play victim. she is not a victim. she has been attacking alan west for quite some time and i had to let her know enough is enough. >> reporter: wasserman's office says rather than being upset at her west is probably more accept because they are trying to balance the budget on the back of seniors, children and the middle class adding that the truth hurts. the republican black caucus which west i is having a lunched
10:35 am
they say they will discuss this email. martha: we'll talk to alan west tomorrow and get his response to that. this debate is raging over the scathing email. was congressman west justified in sending it or did he go too far. christopher hahn is a former agent to chuck schumer. chris plant is host of the chris plant radio show. they join us every week. chris and chris. good to have you here today. >> good to be here. martha: there is politics underlying all of this too. let's get to the heart of the email and whether or not it was appropriate or in appropriate. chris plant let's start with you, what do you think? >> it's entirely appropriate. it's about time a republican stood up and swiped back at these vial and despicable accusations that democrats level every single day of the week, and obviously debbie wasser shan schultz can dish it ou but she can't take it. this is the woman who said that
10:36 am
republicans are literally trying to drag us back to the days of jim crow and i think she should apologize for that. the president actually claimed that republicans are going to try to balance the budget by depriving, the said the gop vision for america would have children with autism and down syndrome fending for themselves. they make kpherbgss of paul ryan-like figures throwing old women in wheelchairs off of cliffs. and when congressman west points out this is vial and despicable they are up and arms and crying sexism of all things. it's extraordinary. martha: i think there are certain parts in the email that might get under different people's skin. chris hahn let's talk about that. the basic underlying point here is whether or not people are being unfair in the conversation when they talk to senior citizens on this issue and whether or not they are trying to scare them. that is what is going on here. alan west is saying, look, do not change my words about, you know when you speak to my
10:37 am
constituents, that is what he is truly upset about here it would appear. >> first things first, in washington a town where you're never supposed to let them see you sweat, alan west in his short time in congress has been leaving puddles all over dc. some people want to fit him for depends because there is so much water everywhere he goes. he has a very thin skin. what wasserman schultz was referring to, she didn't even mention him by name, her con sit taoupbt i might add, what he responded with was an attack on her, saying she is no lady and she is vial and that she should shut up. where does he got off? this is a member of congress, a respectable leader of the democratic party, he is telling her to shut up. martha: let's talk about that chris. let me go back to chris plant. when you go through the email the vial and despicable says to me this is an argument that is getting ugly. i'm guessing based on the fact that there is a vulnerable district debbie wasserman schultz feels in florida that there is more of this kind of
10:38 am
stuff going on at home in terms of the lead up to his next election, she is trying to undermine him with his constituents, that was very clear on what she said on the floor there. vial and despicable may be an appropriate way to call that behavior. when he says, you're no lady, you're no lady which i never -- to me that's a mistake for any man to go there is a mistake and i'm going to ask him about that tomorrow when i speak to him, and also shut the heck up, what do you think. >> let me address that lady issue. in congress, parliament tear reprotocol calls that the male members be referred to as gentlemen, and the females as ladies. and he said, just like he would to a counterpart, you're not behaving like a gentlemen, you're not behaving like a lady. saying that she is the most vial, unprofessional and despicable member of the u.s. house of representatives really
10:39 am
has democrats up in arms because there are a lot of them vying for that trophy. >> oh, my god. alan west needs to learn how to work the reply all button on his email. i don't think he meant to send that to every member of the house and senate. second of all, listen, he's really lowering the debate here. she was talking policies, he got personal. that is -- >> let me respond to that. martha: we've got to leave it there. we've got to leave it there. you know what i think it would be tough to get lore than this debate has already got even when you look at the wheelchair ad and all of that kind of stuff. we'll talk to alan west about it tomorrow. >> it's time for push back. >> make sure he doesn't refer to himself in the third person again. martha: thank you, chris and chris. always live leave. thanks you guys. coming up we'll talk about the fact that the country is sort of watching this three-ring debt circus that we've been referring to in this previous segment going on in washington.
10:40 am
a growing number of americans are increasingly, can you wonder why after that? fed up with their political leaders in this country. we put together a special group of our neighbors and coworkers and regular folks that we brought in to see what should be done about that kind of stuff. here is what they said. >> we shouldn't even be at this point. we should have had a budget a longtime ago. they knew this was coming. >> politics right now is almost like a concert. you're talking about bringing in the tea party. if you're at a concert and it's a loud concert it doesn't mean that it's good. politics is like that, each side is screaming at each other, the volume is raised but no one is really saying anything. martha: you know what people are very wise when you talk to them about these things. coming up their answers on how things in washington have gone so wrong. how did we get to this point? and a desperate fle plea for a return of a mother of three missing now for more than a month and a half. new developments to tell you about in this case about her mysterious disappearance.
10:41 am
>> it means so much to know how many lives that she's touched, and people that love her. >> from two, three hours after we found out about it we didn't think she was okay. i hope i'm proved wrong, i would give ten years of my life to be wrong. but i don't think i am. [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver
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martha: well, there are new pleas for help right now to find a mother of triplets who vanished without a trace. jackie sue waller was last seen on june the first, and according to her family, she had just left a divorce hearing and was on her way to pick up her 5-year-old son from her estranged husband's house. now family and friends think that he has something to do with the fact that they have not seen her for a month and a half. investigators are calling james, he's known as clay, waller a person of interest now in this
10:45 am
story but not, so far, a suspect. waller has told the police that his wife and he had a discussion, that she stormed out of the house the day that she disappeared, but now the police are saying that they're asking him questions that he doesn't have answers for. they say he is not fully cooperating is the way that they're putting it. jackie's friends are now begging for help. they need to get some kind of information to figure out what happened. >> we miss her so bad already. >> god help us to just place our faith and our trust in you at this time. >> i felt helpless, and i wanted to do something, and i thought what a better way to get everybody together. >> we just feel compelled to do this because she's such a wonderful person. she's so tender-hearted. >> it means so much. just to know that she has so many friends that love her and they're praying for her and the kids and us. we need it all so much.
10:46 am
martha: the children, of course, are missing her terribly as well as her father has discussed in heart-wrenching ways. joining us now is a friend of jackie's family and a member of the search party, laura. thank you so much for being with us today. you know, what can you tell us about the very latest in terms of the search that you've been part of and how the family and friends, how everybody's holding up? >> well, just yesterday i was witnessing a search of a lake in the cape county, missouri, area where the missouri highway patrol was using sonar to check the bottom of a lake that's close to the area where jackie's car was abandoned on june 1st. unfortunately, they did not find anything, not her, not evidence. but it's one less place we have to search now. martha: yeah. you know, her husband, we watched that moment when her father stood there and said to
10:47 am
the crowd as everybody was gathering earlier on to look for her, where is clay waller? if you were her husband, he said, wouldn't you be here? wouldn't you be part of this search? has he been involved at all? the has he been looking for her at all as far as you know? >> to the best of my knowledge, no. he's not been involved in any search. in fact, what he does is when he sees a group out searching for his wife, he'll drive by and blow us kisses and laugh -- martha: really? are you serious? >> and flip us off. i'm dead serious. there's video of this. it's not been released, but we have it from several people. i don't think this is the demeanor of a man who thinks that his beloved wife is missing and needs to be found. it's the behavior of someone who knows where she is and doesn't feel like looking. martha: did you witness that yourself, that he was mocking people who were searching for her? >> no.
10:48 am
i was out on one of the searches. he didn't happen to find us. but he did find two others, and like i said, the folks out there, you know, they've got cameras, they took video of his behavior. martha: and he blew them kisses and be flipped them the bird is what you said, is that right? is. >> yes. martha: that's very strange behavior, you know, even if he had nothing to do with it. i think most people would say that is strange behavior. what about the children, how they're holding up? we saw a piece of video that broke our hearts, honestly, last week because mr. waller, her dad, said that the children had been asking for their mom and that one of them said they didn't think she was coming home and that they thought she was in heaven. i can't imagine a grandparent having to hear that from their grandchild. >> it's been very difficult for ruby and stan lawson and jackie's siblings. and, yes, the triplets are in good hands, but they miss their
10:49 am
mother desperately. i think i can share since this has been published on facebook that one of the girls wrote her mother a letter and asked for a stamp so she could mail it and wanted to know if grandpa could get it to heaven. now, what do you say if you're the grandfather of this little 5-year-old girl who is fairly confident that her mother's never coming home? so stan hold her that he couldn't deliver it yet, but he'd get it to her when he could. martha: yeah. i mean, you know, the husband is basically claiming that she took off. has he offered any thoughts on where she might have taken off to when they had this argument or why, you know, this mother who apparently has been a very good mom would abandon the rest of her family after her marriage is falling apart? >> no. he just said she stormed off, and by all accounts jackie is not the type of woman to storm
10:50 am
off. she would have left, but i don't think she'd have left in a fury, and she went there thinking that her son was there. so she certainly wouldn't have left without him. fortunately, i guess, maddox was in another location. martha: yeah. we you said he was with the babysitter -- we understand he was with the babysitter, and she thought he was at the house and that's how she ended up going there. laura, thank you very much. we want some answers, so thank you. good to have you with us today. >> thank you, martha. martha: all right. and this is just coming in on the debt crisis. the president has just made 180-degree turn on an earlier debt deal demand as washington is scrambling to avoid this default deadline. we're live at the white house with that news for you five minutes from now. this is a big development, so we'll get you that. and also, could this creature be lurking in the cold waters off alaska? coming up details and this pictures and the claims that it
10:51 am
may be america's own lock ness monster. ♪ are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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10:54 am
martha: this might be my favorite story of the day. is there now proof that a sea monster is living in the waters off alaska's coast? the take a look at this picture captured by fishermen back in 2009. the footage of this rare beast will be featured on a brand new show on the discovery channel. rick folbaum has more on it from our newsroom. looks pretty suspicious to me. >> reporter: well, take a look and judge for yourself. do you believe? folks have been trying to track down the loch ness monster for ages, and a fisherman says he's
10:55 am
got it on tape. we want to show you the video the fisherman says she shot back in the 2009 in the waters off the alaskan coast. it's making its debut on the discovery channel. here's a clip. >> watch. its head's going to pop out. check this out. >> oh! that is the weirdest thing i've ever seen. [laughter] that is insane. >> there's no [bleep] way. >> so those aren't sea lions? >> you've seen sea lions. how long have you fished the bay? >> that ain't no sea lion, dude. it's got humps that are not like anything i've ever seen. >> their heads are like the shape, almost like a 747-looking. they're 20-30 feet long, they're long, skinny things. >> oh, that is -- >> what the heck is that? >> what the [bleep], dude? >> it blew something out the side of its neck. >> rewind that.
10:56 am
[laughter] >> reporter: well, i don't know. the alaskan monster hunt special airs on discovery this thursday night, 9:00. martha: i love that. i love that! what could it be? be thank you, rick. it's good. all right, we're going to watch that thursday night. thank you, rick. rick folbaum with the latest on the new loch ness monster, and how about this? breaking news coming from the white house, folks. we are getting reports that the president has just said that now he would consider a, quote, short-term debt deal. remember, he said he would not consider that. that story's coming up three minutes from now. plus an "america live" first today as we talked with our own focus group on fixing what is wrong with washington. listen. >> what are you okay with them cutting? because everybody agrees we should have cuts, but when you start to do it, that's when decisions -- politicians are running into a tough time back home. >> we have nine ideas of what we should cut, so how can we expect politicians who are from the
10:57 am
east, the west, the midwest, they all have different ideas of what their constituency wants, and everyone can't come together. [ jerry ] i'm a grandfather, a retired teacher,
10:58 am
and i count on social security. here's what i'm not... a pushover. right now, some in washington want to make a deal cutting the social security and medicare benefits we worked for. with billions in waste and loopholes, how could they look at us? maybe we seem like an easy target... until you realize... there are 50 million of us. [ female announcer ] tell the politicians: cut waste and loopholes, not our benefits.
10:59 am
11:00 am
martha: we start off with this fox news alert, word coming from the white house just moments ago that president obama has now said that he will support a, quote, short-term increase in the debt ceiling if it means they're going to get a deal done. that's how we start this brand new hour of "america live," i'm martha maccallum in for megyn kelly. press secretary jay carney, he was the person this came from. he signaled that the president would go for a short-term debt limit increase as long as it's part of a long-term deficit reduction deal. the president had previously said that he opposed any kind of short-term extension. we all remember he said i'm not going to go for a 30-day deal or a 60-day deal or 180-day deal. mike emanuel joins us from the white house with the latest on this, and we expect a meeting this afternoon on all of this.
11:01 am
>> reporter: later this hour key democratic congressional leaders will be here at the white house for a meeting with president obama. i just saw budget director jack lew walk by, undoubtedly here for that high-profile meeting undoubtedly to see where key democrats are in terms of talks coming out of the hill on a way forward. to clarify, jay carney said that, essentially, if it was required to get a major deal done, the president would agree to a bit of an extension, but there have been questions about whether there's time to get something major done like this gang of six plan we've been talking about for the past day or so. as for where things stand here at the white house, here's spokesman jay carney. >> again, i'm not going to make a declaration about the specifics of what the gang of six has put forward in part because all the details aren't even known yet. you know, there's -- this is not a piece of legislation, it's not even written as a bill, so we
11:02 am
would not issue a statement of administration policy based on an outline. what he does wholly support is the approach that they've taken. >> reporter: that does open the white house and president obama up for some criticism because some republicans on capitol hill say, mr. president, where are you on specifics? what will you do about the precise range in terms of the tax code if they reduce the tax code to, say, 29% max, what else is in there? and so the white house is not wanting to put it cards on the table at least for public consumption at this point. perhaps behind closed doors at a meeting later this hour they will, martha. martha: yeah. it seems like there's always a point where they have plenty of time, and then they get closer and closer, and they say, oh, we don't have the time to accomplish the big thing they'd like to accomplish, so if they can't get this done by august 2nd, are we going to another plan b, mike? how's that looking? is. >> reporter: yeah, the president had phone
11:03 am
conversations with congressal leaders late yesterday about the way forward, and we've heard concern from dick durbin, one of the leading democrats on capitol hill, that to score the gang of six plan, to essentially measure whether it will do what they say it will do, will it cut $4 trillion? it may take weeks or months. and so perhaps there's an agreement short term to say everybody agrees we're going to move forward with this plan, but we need some more time to finalize in detail the plan. and so that seems to be, perhaps, a likely scenario moving forward. martha? martha: big stuff. all right, mike, thank you so much. mike emanuel at the white house. president obama and republican leaders in the senate today have been talking up this new proposal by a group of democratic and republican senators known as the gang of six, but there could be some storm clouds that are starting to brew over there at the house of representatives. listen to this. >> what we've heard so far is that this bill is going to dismantle medicaid -- excuse me, medicare. i encourage my colleagues across the aisle to actually read the
11:04 am
bill before they come in and talk about it. page 4 specifically says we don't cut medicare with this bill. we've heard the president say social security checks might not go out on august 3rd. that's just false. the president has every legal authority and the money available to him to send those checks out if he wants to. we've heard that the country will default on our debt if we don't raise the debt ceiling. not true. not true. the authority is there, the money is there. we have plenty of money with which to pay the interest on our debt. there will be no default on our debt. we've heard the president say he's going to cut $4 trillion from spending, but when pressed he admitted that the spending cuts this year were actually $2 trillion. $4 trillion is four thousand billion dollars, and the president admits only two billion of that is this year. martha: all right. that was mick mulvaney, a member of the tea party caucus, and he is my guest. welcome. good to have you here. >> martha, it's good to be here. martha: you know, here's the big question; you've now got the
11:05 am
president signaling through jay carney he's willing to do some kind of short-term deal to get us through that august 2nd deadline if it means he can get a bigger deal after that. but you guys just got a big victory yesterday on this cut, cap and balance in the house. are you in the mood to negotiate at this point? >> >> sure. we're always in the mood to negotiate. i'm hearing this about the president's supposed short-term extension for the first time as i stand here. um, i think it's one of those interesting things where the gang of six has introduced a summary, not a bill. it's going to take them a little while longer to write the bill, and then it's going to take them several weeks or months to score the bill. that doesn't sell very well for me. i could write a bill that could take three years to score. does that mean we lead need a three-year extension? my first reaction is thanks but no thanks. martha: so where do we go from here? you all have passed this cut, cap and balance, there's a lot of mood, it seems, among republicans -- especially tea party republicans in the
11:06 am
house -- to, basically, do what they were elected to do. and now you're going to be asked and nudged and prodded to come to the table and agree to some compromise here. >> and what are those? listen, what do we know? we hear a lot of folks talking and there's a lot of proposals floated, a lot of speeches given. the only thing that we know is that last night a bipartisan group of members of the ushouse of representatives -- u.s. house of representatives passed a measure by which we would cut, cap and pass the budget ceiling. it's sitting there waiting for further discussion. it's up to the senate to take it up. people come to us and say what do you do next? we're going to wait for the senate to take up the bill we passed last night. martha: is there any indication they'll do that? no indication so far they could pass it even if they wanted to. [laughter] >> i guess after how they've handled the budget, it's 811 days since they passed a budget in the senate. maybe there'll be a long time to wait. again, it's in the senate's court. that's why what we did last
11:07 am
night was so important. we were finally able to pass something out of the house to raise the debt ceiling. now if folks want to ask what the next step is, go to the president and ask that question. ask him, what's wrong with a balanced budget amendment? we looked at the house deal, you might not like that, let's talk about the cap, let's talk about that, but what's wrong with a balanced budget amendment to the constitution? those are the questions that need to be answered at the white house and across the hill over in the senate. martha: all right, mick mulvaney, very interesting. we thank you very much forking g here. >> thanks, martha. martha: new reaction from our focus panel. you know, you watched that back and forth, and we spoke to congressman mulvaney. we spoke to everyday americans about this whole political stalemate in washington. you just heard the congressman say we put something out there, why can't it even be discussed? why can't we start the discussion with what passed in the house? "america live" got the pulse of hard working americans who do not see our elected leaders working on their behalf to solve the country's problems.
11:08 am
here's a sample of what these folks think is wrong and what they want to see changed in washington. >> i worry what it's going to be like for luke when he's older, i worry about, um, how much it's going to cost for him to go to college, i worry how much, um, if there's going to be jobs for him when he gets out of college. >> i think there's just a gridlock in washington and the inability for our leaders in washington to actually get to what the problem is and get to a solution. and i think, personally, from the way i look at it is there needs to be compromise. there needs to be both sides coming in towards the middle a little bit. >> it's almost like a concert. if you're at a concert and it's a loud concert, doesn't mean that it's good. so politics is like that. the volume is raised, but no one's really saying anything. martha: very interesting conversation that we had. we're going to have much more from our focus panel. you'll see all of that straight ahead. you don't want to miss their insights, they were varied, and
11:09 am
they were insightful, and they are coming up. martha: all right. turning overseas now to the phone hacking investigation or news inter-- of news international. british prime minister david cameron speaking out about the fallout from this investigation. amy kellogg has that live report from london with the very latest. hi, amy. >> well, british prime minister david cameron came under attack today for several hours again over his decision to appoint a former news of the world editor, andy colson as his chief of communications. now, colson resigned from "the news of the world" when the scandal first broke always claiming he knew nothing about phone hacking. then cameron went on to hire him, colson resigned from if number 10 downing in the january. he was arrested recently and be is out on bail. but the latest twist, it has emerged that cameron's chief of
11:10 am
staff declined a police offer for a briefing on the hacking issue last year. cameron's defense is that he says it would have been inappropriate for him to be privy to details of a police investigation, but the opposition essentially accuse him of having hidden his head in the sand, choosing to ignore evidence or even suggestions that colson was tainted. his judgment on the colson hire keeps getting called into question. >> it was my decision -- hold on -- it was my decision. i take responsibility. people will, of course -- >> you're interrupting the prime minister. the house must come to order and hear in silence the remainder of the statement. the prime minister. >> people will, of course, make judgments about it. of course, i regret and i am extremely sorry about the furor it has caused with 20/20 hindsight and all that has followed, i would not have offered him the job, and i expect that he wouldn't have taken it. >> so, martha, a very
11:11 am
contentious session in parliament today. that's it for parliament, they've broken for the summer. there's going to be a judicial inquiry and be a police investigation into the phone hacking and other allegations of things that went on at "news of the world." the murdochs having had their day before parliament are done with that bit, and rupert murdoch, for his part, has departed the u.k. that's the latest from london. martha: thank you very much for that update. so there's a bizarre string of events that unraveled at the home of a pharmaceutical tycoon. first it was his girlfriend who was found hanging from a balcony with her hands and feet bound. then his son died after falling down the stairs and spending several days in the hospital. now a key test could answer a lot of the open questions in this case. we're going to have new details on that breaking news story. plus, he should be dead by all accounts after falling nearly three miles from the heavens without a parachute. instead michael holmes is very
11:12 am
much alive. a survival story that you literally have to see to believe. it is unbelievable. that is next. ♪ >> [bleep] hey can i play with the toys ? sure, but let get a little information first. for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 central standard time. he's in control. goodbye. even kids know it's wrong to give someone the run around. at ally bank you never have to deal with an endless automated system. you can talk to a real person 24/7. it's just the right thing to do.
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11:15 am
martha: we've got some new details now on these two mysterious deaths that happened within one week, both tied to this historic california mansion owned by a prominent pharmaceutical executive. first, his girlfriend was found hanging from a balcony at the home, her hands and feet bound with electrical wire. four days later his 6-year-old, the executive's 6-year-old son had taken a fall, and then he died from those injuries that he incurred when he fell down the stairs in that house. now sources at the san diego homicide unit say they are expediting the toxicology reports from both victims, and that information could come in as early as the end of next week. adam houseley's on the story for us live from our west coast
11:16 am
bureau. what do we know now? >> >> reporter: yeah, we've been staying in touch with the large team dealing with this case, they're the ones suggesting they could have those reports by the end of next week or the first part of the following week. while you might be used to seeing it on tv where it comes back in a day or two, that's much quicker than normal. usually it takes six weeks, they're getting it back potentially as fast as within two weeks of these two potential crimes. right now they're not being called as such. the first one, the young boy falls down the stairs last monday, so roughly ten days ago. he would eventually die on sunday of his injuries. that's still been determined as an accident. however, it could be connected to the death of the girlfriend, 32-year-old rebecca who was found hanging bound and naked from the same balcony, sorry, from the balcony of the same mansion on wednesday, one week ago. so two days after the boy falls down the stairs, she's found hanging, and four days later he dies of those injuries.
11:17 am
the investigation is going toward, they're calling the deaths suspicious, at least the second one, the hanging, however, they're not prepared to call it a homicide. they're still saying it potentially could be a suicide. they do have aunt results back from both -- autopsy results back from both victims, and they don't plan any kind of press conference unless all of a sudden someone was to come forward with some new information or some golden moment where someone would say, you know what? i was a witness, and i saw something. this investigation right now is very mysterious, and it could be as simple as a suicide and an accident or something much more sinister. martha: adam houseley on that mysterious story that's been playing out. and also we've got the debt drama we're watching closely playing out in washington. does not seem to be impressing too many average americans with the way things are playing out. a stunning new poll and our very special focus group is five minutes away. you don't want to miss this. and up next, the white house
11:18 am
defends against new questions about how the president is handling this crisis. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> look, you know how this town works and how congress works. if an individual, whether a democrat or republican leader, steps forward and says this is my plan and solely my plan, it makes it a lot harder for that plan to be the basis for a bipartisan counsel. @=h
11:19 am
11:20 am
11:21 am
martha: well, the debt showdown as the country heads closer to the default headline, the president taking heat for not leading on this issue from some people, also saying he waited for congress, basically, to come up with a plan. the white house, though, says that actually is a form of leadership in this case. listen to this exchange. >> this leadership is not
11:22 am
proposing a plan for the sake of having it voted up or down and likely voted down because it is -- look, you know how this town works and how congress works. if an individual, whether democrat or republican leader, steps forward and says this is my plan and solely my plan, it makes it a lot harder for that plan to be the basis for a bipartisan compromise. the way to reach a compromise is in bipartisan negotiations where a plan emerges that is the product of that negotiation and is supported by republicans and democrats and then presented. otherwise your chances of actually achieving something diminish greatly. martha: there you have it. that was from the news conference yesterday. simon rosenberg joins me now, the director of the new democrat network. simon, welcome. good to have you here. >> good to be here. martha: what do you think about that? you know, is that leadership, and do you think the president
11:23 am
has shown leadership on what is and could be a real defining moment in his presidency? >> so let's remember that the most substantial and detailed budget submitted by anybody in this process was submitted by the white house back at the beginning of the year. it was voted on and rejected in the senate and the house. the house then -- martha: it was rejected almost -- i think 97, right? resoundingly. >> but it was lots of pages, lots of detail, right? so the idea that the president hasn't submitted anything is not true. he's submitted the most detailed budget plan of anybody in this process. the house then passed their budget plan, and i think if there wasn't the threat of the debt ceiling in august, the senate would have passed their budget, too, and we'd be having normal budget negotiations. but the president stepped in may and said, look, given the threat of the debt ceiling deadline in august, we need to short circuit this process. we've got to bring everybody together now, not go through regular order, bring and house and senate and white house together, and those negotiations
11:24 am
started in may, so he's been showing much more leadership on this issue than normal presidents do in a normal budget tear year. so i just reject the preemption. martha: there's nothing normal about this situation. and there's nothing normal about the fact that i think so many americans are engaged in this. when you have 80% in the recent poll that we cited earlier from the washington post, 80% say they are disappointed or even angry, that's how they describe themselves in terms of what kind of job these folks are doing in washington. >> yep. martha: when you look at those numbers, isn't this a moment when you look at the presidency where he could have been out in front and said, look, i'm going to do something no democrat president has said before because i understand how dire this situation is -- >> sure. martha: -- and be i want to be the one who's remembered for having led and solved it. >> i think the president in his budget in the beginning of the year offered substantial spending cuts. i think in the negotiation and what he has said in public he's willing to accept spending cuts way beyond what any democrat thought the president would
11:25 am
accept. the sticking point here is that the republicans are unwilling to accept any level of tax increases, and that's why this is breaking down. and i just want to say, martha, you said something earlier is that the reason we're not going through a senate budget and a house budget and they come to reconciliation and the president gets involved is because the republicans have chosen to threaten the full faith and credit of the united states and to say to the world that we're not going to pay our bills. so the message from the republican party is that, you know, we're unwilling to -- martha: this is not -- no, no, no -- >> let me finish. we're not paying our bills. martha: 300 days. congress' main job is to produce a budget. they couldn't do it for 300 days. we have a 14.3, 14.5 trillion dollar debt in this country, it's astronomical, so to say they just didn't get around to it, people are sick of this answer. >> no, no, i'm talking about this year. martha: this year, last year --
11:26 am
>> the budget negotiations started in the may. right? the president and the house and senate, the president convened everybody much earlier than normal in order to try to get this done by the august deadline the republicans set. martha: i hear you. >> it's an artificial deadline. the president's worked hard to try to honor the republicans' request to -- martha: his treasury secretary said it wasn't an artificial deadline, and be when people look back at this moment, they're going to think about this, whether or not they feel that the president, you know, was in front of it and handled the situation well, and we'll see what they'll decide. simon, thank you. >> well, martha, you saw "the washington post"/abc poll that shows the country's much more happy with where the president's at -- martha: and all their numbers across the board which we showed earlier are pretty be sad. >> no doubt about that. [laughter] martha: thank you very much. good to see you, as always. this is an extraordinary story that we're going to show you. this man thought that he was seconds away from dying. he was a sky diver, he survived
11:27 am
a saw 15,000-foot freefall with no parachute deployment. his amazing story is five minutes away. plus, sending a powerful message that they are not happy with the federal government, that's what we're just talking about, in three minutes everyday american speak out about what they think is wrong with washington and how they believe it is hurting our country, and you've got to hear from these folks. it's great stuff. we'll be right back. >> what we want to do is go ahead and compromise, but it's not compromise. it's compromise and do what i tell you to do. as far as raising taxes, 52% of the people in this country pay nothing. my doctor told me calcium is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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11:31 am
♪ martha: all right. those are the bag pipeses you're hearing at an incredible scene at ground zero right here in new york city. a piece of the 9/11 memorial being lowered by crane into that exhibit. beneath that massive cover is a fire truck from the new york fire department's ladder company number 3. the firefighters aboard that truck were responsible for evacuating citizens from the north tower before it collapsed, and today on this beautiful summer day -- much like september 11th, it is being lowered by cranes 70 feet into the exhibition space at the national september 11th memorial
11:32 am
museum. remember that 343 firefighters and paramedics lost their lives on that day, a historic moment as we get ready for the tenth anniversary coming this september. all right, see the money piling up in the front of the capitol? we get back to the debt crisis now and a dramatic new poll from abc news and the washington post. numbers out that show that americans are increasingly unhappy, angry even with what they're seeing in washington. 80% of those responsibilities for -- respondents for this washington post poll said they're dissatisfied with the government, that is a jump of 11 percentage points in just one month. that is the highest level of unhappiness that we've seen in 19 years. so what is wrong with washington, and what does america want to see changed? i talked with a panel of average folks a little earlier who gave us some answers to all of those questions. watch this. let me just introduce everybody.
11:33 am
we've got the new mom in the back there, that's beth levy with little luke who we're hoping is going to be okay hanging with us. maria fini, a mom-to-be, she's in the back row. pam lauria. we've got an ob/gyn, we may need your services. and then we have jack murphy, a retired computer engineer. in our first row, a fox news contributor and mike baco joins us, a professional businessman and also virginia green, she is with fox news channel as well. welcome, everybody, good to have you here. i'm curious to hear your reactions when you hear that number, 80% express they feel angry about the job that folks are doing in washington and the government overall. how many of you, first, raise your hands, would say, yeah, i'm in that 80%, i'm angry or
11:34 am
dissatisfied? all of you. that's pretty shocking. i want to make clear to everybody at home, this is a group that was chosen, basically, they're split between leaning left, leaning right in their politics and a few moderate folks sprinkled in as well. let me start with you, ken. why are you in that group? >> >> because i think there's a gridlock in washington, and the inability for our leaders in washington to actually get to what the problem is and get to a solution. and i think, personally, from the way i look ate there needs to be -- at it, there needs to be compromise, both sides come anything towards the middle a little bit. deficit reduction, to me, includes cutting spending without a doubt. that has to be done. and there has to be some component of raising taxes, and i think the part of raising taxes is a difficult one. what do you raise it on? you don't want to -- the economy's sluggish, you don't want to put taxes on that are going to suppress the economy. so you need to talk, realize
11:35 am
that you're not going to get your point of view across 100% but get to a point -- >> ginny, what? >> the american people have every right to be outraged right now. thank goodness for the tea party movement. if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be having this discussion. there's a gross lack of accountability and leadership coming from president obama. he is the president of the united states. they can't even perform their basic duty by providing a budget. we shouldn't even be at this point. we should have had a budget a long time ago -- martha: let me ask you this -- >> absolutely. martha: go ahead, mike. >> politics is almost like a concert. if you're at a concert and it's a loud concert, doesn't mean that it's good. so politics is like that. each side is screaming at each other, the volume is raised, but no one's really saying anything. martha: what's your biggest frustration when you watch all this in process and you see how you run your own life and your own football home finances -- financial home finances, what do you think? >> here's the issue, the real number is 20 % of americans are
11:36 am
unemployed. this is an anti-business administration. i own a business. the best investment in business is to hire more people. i have cash sitting on the sidelines. i'd like to hire more people. i have 35 employees, i'd like to go to 350 employees. that's supply side economics getting into the system, but you heard it yesterday from steve wynn, a billionaire businessman who said point-blank that this is the biggest anti-business administration he's ever seen. so people woont to get -- want to get back to work, and that's the problem. martha: how many of you think that the president has shown a lack of leadership? raise your hand if you think that. >> i totally disagree. i think he's shown incredible leadership. >> he's the only one who's been willing to compromise. i think compromise and common sense are two really important values to the american people, and on one side you've had the president saying let's have a balanced approach. we're still trying to dig our way out of a recession.
11:37 am
we can't stop the progress that we've made, so let's do some cuts, let's -- martha: what do we cut? who wants to give me ab idea? jack, go ahead. >> it's not compromise. it's compromise and do what i tell you to do. as far as raising taxes, 53% of the people in this country pay nothing. >> correct. >> i have sent, i wrote my senator, sherrod brown, and be suggested if it was just a dollar a month, it's worth a dollar a month. i agree with the vice president, paying taxes is to a certain extent an honor. but we have 42% who are disenfranchised, they don't feel ownership of the country even though they do own it. >> i think you have to look at the numbers from the poll that we're talking about, why is there so much frustration -- >> people are out of work. >> only 20% of the american people feel like we should get to this deficit reduction plan by spending cuts alone. and you have the republican leadership, as you said, only
11:38 am
spending cuts, we're not going to compromise -- martha: you know what? let's hear from the moms and the moms-to-be in the back row. when you're listening to all this, beth, what do you think? >> i worry what it's going to be like for luke when he's older. i worry about, um, how much it's going to cost for him to go to college, i worry how much, um, if there's going to be jobs for him when he gets out of college. and my husband and i really, um, as far as health care have been feeling it, adding him to our, um, plans and, you know, it's really a huge expense for us. martha: who do you blame for the log jam in washington right now, the president, republicans, democrats? who do you blame? >> there's not one person that i would say i would blame. i just don't think -- martha: all of them. >> yeah. martha: maria, what do you think? >> i'm pretty much in the same boat. martha: would you throw all the bums out and start other? is. >> we put all the bums in there, if you want to look at it that way.
11:39 am
>> this president -- up 25%, and the deficit's been up 35%, so he wants a compromise now by spending more? spending cuts alone, it's not going to do it. it's growing the economy. there should be a council on jobs right now, not a deficit could be suggest because if you got the deficit down to 4%, if you got jobs, unemployment down to 4%, the deficit would come down with it. >> but i think that's where the common sense has to come in -- martha: what is the common sense? you know, what would we all agree on in terms of cuts? what can be cut? is it social security? is it medicare? is it medicaid? what can be cut? >> start with the epa because they are killing the fossil fuel industry, and that in return means hundreds of thousands of jobs that are going overseas and higher energy prices for americans. a small business other than paying higher rates for energy, that means you can't hire more people -- >> and cap and trade. >> you can't expand, you can't reinvest -- martha: that's one agency, and a lot of people talk about that. elizabeth, in terms of what
11:40 am
should be cut would you be okay at increasing the age at which people get social security or medicare, for example? would you be okay with that? >> it's a good question. um, i, i think i would be okay with that, yeah. you know, speaking to the subject of regulation in health care, i think that the increase in regulation -- >> you're a doctor, just to remind everybody. >> the increasing regulation is making the environment for health care very difficult for the patient and the doctor, and as we're being told to be more and more, for example, electronic medical records, being being forced to -- martha: right. which is supposed to streamline everything and bring down costs, do you see it happening that way? >> no, i don't, and i see there's serious questions about breach of privacy which have not been addressed and will eventually come out, and we'll have to sort of fix it in the some way, and it's not going to be fixable. and it's also, you know, it's the cost incurred in actually
11:41 am
implementing this is so prohibitive that for the small business owner or the sole practitioner, it's impossible. martha: you know, let me ask you this. how many of you, because one of the largest things that has added to the deficit is the obamacare plan that has come out. now, the idea is that over time it will help medical costs decrease. that's the idea. how many of you would like to see obamacare repealed? raise your hand. just three out of the group. okay. that's interesting. go ahead. >> premiums for small business other thans because of obamacare have gone up 30, 35% across the board. >> and what about the waivers that are being issued, and also what about the states that are suing? there are over 26 states, i believe, that are suing to prevent this from happening. >> and i'm sure that probably effects your bottom line, right? >> absolutely. >> obamacare was that you would be able to keep your doctor if you're happy with it. so of course there are going to be waivers for companies that have -- martha: what i'm getting at by asking this is everybody seems to agree that we need spending
11:42 am
cuts, right? but when you say what should they be, are you willing to raise the age for social security and medicare, you know, give me your quick thoughts on what you think -- what are you okay with them cutting? because everybody agrees we should have cuts, but when you start to do it, that's when these politicians are running into a tough time at home. >> and look at our group. we have nine people here, nine different ideas of what we should cut, so how can we expect politicians from the east, the west, the midwest, they all have different ideas of what their constituency wants, and they can't come together. >> do you think government works as well as it used to? >> absolutely. >> i don't think government's ever worked well. martha: what do you think is going to change that? >> everyone thinks that now is the worst time ever, now is the biggest -- two sides can't come together, but this has been going on if you look at polls ivan going back to the 1850s, it was the worst time ever for journalism, for old politics --
11:43 am
>> to answer your question is cutting regulation, let free market capitalism thrive. >> but it can't just be about cuts, and that's where this frustration is coming coming frn this poll because it has to be balanced with increasing revenue. >> raising taxes. we don't need higher taxes. >> millionaires and billionaires take advantage of loopholes -- >> wait a minute, you throw that -- >> last thought from jack. jack, you get the last thought. >> i have retired and i'm on social security. if you want to take part of the cut, bless you. you're welcome to it. i don't want my social security to adversely effect my kids. when i started with the company, we had ten plans in the united states. each one of our plans had 4-500 people in it. we're down to one. you have driven manufacturing out of this country. that simple and that straightforward. until something is done to get rid of whatever regulations where you can manufacture, again, more debt, greece
11:44 am
couldn't run on a nonmanufacturing economy, rome couldn't do it, we're not going to be able to do it -- >> you said it. we've got to bring the american dream back. martha: thank you, everybody. appreciate your thoughts, thank you so much for your input today. we really appreciate it. great stuff. thank you, everybody. what a great group they were. if you want to add thoughts, send me a tweet at martha maccallum. and in the meantime while that was going on, we have breaking news just crossing the wires on the debt crisis. the white house moments ago announced a meeting between president obama, house speaker baner and house majority leader eric cantor. more on this big meeting announcement right after this. stay with us. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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11:48 am
temperatures topping out at or near triple digits, and the humidity makes it even more uncomfortable. janice dean joins us with what we can expect from the fox weather center. hi, j.d.. >> reporter: hi. it is a sauna out there, martha. look at these indices, the feels-like temperature in newton, iowa, yesterday, 129. these are temperatures that are really off the charts and extraordinarily dangerous. you really can't be outside for any length of time in temperatures like that with the humidity. heat advisories posted, as you mentioned, for at least 32 states. heat indices extending to 110 degrees, in some cases 115, so as you can see, moving across into the northeast and down across the eastern seaboard. current heat index across portions of the upper mississippi valley, the midwest 103 it feels like in lacrosse, 105 in peoria. they've been seeing heatic decks like this for days, so very
11:49 am
dangerous, certainly, and we want to make sure people are checking on the elderly and the wee ones at home, making sure they are indoors. forecast heat index for tomorrow moving across towards the east coast, 103 in new york, 108 in d.c. really dangerous, people need to be taking precautions. martha: 103 in new york, you don't see that every day. and in the meantime, terrifying moments from the air coming up. he thought that he was seconds away from dying. he survived a 15,000-foot freefall, and this is the videotape from it. his incredible story is coming up right after this. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c. [ ma announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert
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your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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11:52 am
martha: well, this next story is hard to wrap your mind around, folks. imagine jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet -- that's enough for me right there -- and your
11:53 am
parachute then malfunctions. no one is supposed to survive a fall like this with no parachute, but sky driver michael holmes did -- sky driver michael holmes did. and if this didn't diss dizzying enough, check out his final descent. >> jonathan watches as his friend hurtles to the ground. michael, too, loses hope. >> oh, [bleep]. this is it. martha: oh, my gosh. pat rogers is the series producer for this new show called the indestructibles that airs on the national geographic channel. good to have you here. >> good to be here. martha: put our mind at ease. how did he survive this fall? >> well, it is hard to imagine, that's about a three-mile fall.
11:54 am
his parachute failed to open, his back-up parachute failed to open until just at the last second. it slowed him down just enough to alter the course of his descent to take him away from where he was headed which was far worse, a parking lot, into this stand of trees. and that also allowed him to land in a different way. it slowed him down just a little bit and altered the landing to sort of take his vertical force if he had landed just dead on his feet or on his head, it would have been lights out. but he rolled into sort of a four-point horizontal roll, and the energy from the crash was more or less dissipated during the course of that roll. it certainly doesn't look survivable, but it was. more march un-- martha: unbelievable. and you could hear his voice, he said, "this is it," at one point. how did you find him? this show is a series of these kinds of sents that people -- accidents that people survived, you know, beyond reason, right?
11:55 am
>> yes. there are ten people that we feature on indestructibles, all of them have similar sort of catastrophic accidents or animal attacks or something that should not be survivable. you watch these bits of tape, you watch this film, and you say, there is no way this person survived. but each and every one of them did. and what we do is we take a look at the reasons behind the survival, how does somebody survive 11 minutes in the lion's den being mauled by two lions? how does somebody survive 108-mile-an-hour crash into a bridge abutment? and we sort of break down what look impossible and sort of look at the science, and all of a sudden it becomes possible. martha: i just have a few seconds left, but i'm interested in the emotional impact these events have on these people's lives. do you address that on the show. >> >> oh, 100%. that's one of the main elements of the show is how did this happen, how did it effect their lives, how do they live with it to this day, and they -- just like we -- are intensely curious
11:56 am
about how they survived, and we try to answer some of those questions for them. martha: i mean, we're looking at this spiral again -- >> it's crazy. martha: it's incredible. it looks like somebody else jumped out with him, and their parachute went up, right? and his did not. >> right. martha: it's an incredible story. pat rogers, we're going to be watching everything you guys do. it looks amazing. >> sunday nights at 10. martha: that's exactly what i was just going to say. thank you, pat. that's eastern and pacific, sunday nights at 10 on the national geographic channel. indestructibles. lucky for them, right? so there is a major development -- talking about indestructible -- in the debt crisis talks. we just got word that the president is going to meet with john boehner and eric cantor on all of in this afternoon. you'll hear what's going on in that meeting coming up right after this.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
martha: what were you thinking when you came up 123450 i martha: thank you for being with us, everybody, good to have you. and "studio b" is coming up

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